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  • Style: Bo
  • Product: Sweater
  • Colour: Grey Marl
  • Fabric Composition: Loop back poly/cotton
  • Sizes: 3-4,5-6,7-8, 9-10 years
  • Features: Sweater with removable zipped sleeves.
  • Wash instructions: Wash on 30c. Do not tumble dry

Cute girl’s sweater with detachable sleeves. Go long or short sleeved. You decide! Stand out from the crowd, make a statement and show off the fashionista in you to your best friends.

Each customisable sweater comes with the Candy Queen genuine logo on the front, features grey marl removable sleeves with white cuffs and Bubble-Gum Pink zips. Also features rib hem and Bubble- Gum Pink rib on the neck.

 Our fabric is soft yet durable and gentle on the skin. Each sweater comes with a woven Candy Queen Store label in the neck and woven tab on the hip.