Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Mel and I'm the creator and designer of Candy Queen Store. I'm also a mum of two wonderful and vibrant kids... Harry and Macy.

I'll be blogging on the brand's development whilst trying to keep my sanity  juggling a family, home and starting a business (it's a learning curve to say the least!)

Candy Queen Store is a new T-shirt concept for girl’s ages 5 – 12 years. We produce a collection of alternative T-shirts and edgy changeable ICONS that attach to our garments.

Our limited edition ICONS allow Candy Queen girls to personalise their clothing and to creatively express their individuality.

Each garment comes with a choice of 3 ICONS,  extra ICONS can be bought separately too.

We are excited to say our pick and mix philosophy is the first children’s clothing brand of this nature.

All of the products will be available to buy via our website http://www.candyqueenstore.com

Find us on Twitter too: @candyqueenstore

Mel xx

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